AFE Suggested Packing List

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Packing, Weather and 
Sustainable, Budget Friendly Clothing.

As most of us know, global weather patterns around the world are changing. Tropical Thailand can be icy cold during winter months and Kenya can be unexpectedly wet (or dry) the best advice is to expect the unexpected and dress in layers.  Your sunrise game drive may start out chilly and damp and by noon you'll be hot.

You don't need to spend a fortune getting the latest quick dry, super expensive, adventure store clothing. One way to make your trip more sustainable is to head on over to your local thrift or second hand store. 

Safari vests, zip up cargo pants, long sleeve shirts are just a few of the items you can find. Second hand clothing is a great way save money! 

1) Sturdy and comfortable hiking shoes with good treads for sticking to uneven pavement (waterproof preferred)

2) Hiking sandals with good treads, easy to take on/off for temples.

3) A wide brim hat that covers your ears with a chin strap.

4) Camera: Plenty of memory, back up batteries- a good digital zoom preferred

5) Charging cords for all electronics

6) Electronic converters (varies by destination) and adapters

7) Thick, long pants for hiking (cargo pants, zippered, khaki) jeans are not recommended

8) Shorts or capris for warmer weather

9)  Several lightweight, long sleeve shirts and pants for dawn/dusk (4)

10) Mosquito repellent

11) Comfortable, casual clothes for relaxing at resorts/lodges

12) Pullover, fleece or thermals for possible cold evenings

13) Sunscreen

14) Rain poncho or lightweight rain jacket. 

15) Bathing suit

16) Sleepwear 

17) Undergarments

18) Several pairs of good hiking socks

19) Flashlight (Kenya)

20) Anti malarial medication

21) Lightweight scarf for visiting temples (Thailand)

22) All prescription medications you take on a regular basis

23) Passports and VISA documentation

24) Binoculars (Kenya)

25) Flip flops for hotel rooms (optional)

26) Sunglasses and lip balm with sunscreen 

27) Toiletries and personal grooming items 

27) Your sense of humor and thirst for adventure

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